In Memoriam

The memories and contributions of our deceased members will never be forgotten. The Kiwanis Club of Santa Monica honors these outstanding individuals.


John Kingsley

John was a past president and both John and his father gave many years of service to the Santa Monica Community through our club.  His wife Julie was also involved as a member of Kiwanis. 


Richard "Dick" Wagnon

Dick was involved with Kiwanis for 27 years. He was instrumental in our 65 years of music awards program while working at the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District.  Dick Wagnon was honored at the Stairway to the Stars program in 2012 for his many years of working with youth through music programs at the district.  

Dick had a life-long love of jazz and played trumpet until the last several years. He loved participating on the Kiwanis Scholarship Committee where he could recognize the outstanding musicians and academic work of local youth.  His influence continues to ripple through local families, many of which had several generations under his guidance.  He will be greatly missed.  



John Stead

Kiwanian John Stead passed away after battling cancer for several years. He was a long-time member of Kiwanis and printed the Kronicle until it went digital.  He retired from business and the club quite a few years ago. John was quite a colorful character. Although he was not a member of the club at the end of his life, he attended all the meetings for many years. Also he kept us honest regarding getting the Kronicle out on time, and spelling most of the members names right. 

Year's Past

Patrick Croghan

Strong supporter of the Boys & Girls Club and long-time Kiwanian.

John Drescher (Past President ‘65)

John Drescher would be proud to know he is remembered for helping the US win WWII with his innovative design. He was a fantastic story teller and had a good joke for all occasions.  The SMC Drescher Planetarium and the Santa Monica Family YMCA are only two of the many organizations supported by John Drescher in the Santa Monica community.  He was a consistent supporter of local youth and family non-profits throughout his life.  

Dr. Cyril Gail

Dentist, philanthropist and community leader, Dr. Gail is attributed with helping to acquire the property for Santa Monica College and actively promoting the establishment of a community college for residents. 

John Gilmore

Dr. John E. Gilmore was one of the first to implant the intraocular lens and subsequently taught ophthalmologists his technique at Santa Monica Hospital. He performed cataract surgery until age 76. In World War II he served as 90th Bombardment Squadron Flight Surgeon and flew 27 combat missions in B-52’s. Dr. Gilmore was awarded over a dozen medals ending his career as a full colonel. Dr. Gilmore made a major contribution toward the build-out of the Santa Monica Historical Museum. (Taken from the Santa Monica Historical Society records).

Virgil Kingsley (Past President ‘53)

Virgil Kingsley was a partner of Gates, Kingsley and Gates. He was actively involved with the Boys & Girls club of Santa Monica. Virgil Kingsley was the Mayor of Santa Monica and a city councilman.

Colin Petrie (Past President ‘59)

Math instructor, counselor, and Board of Trustees member for Santa Monica College, Colin spent over thirty years providing for an up-to-date educational facility and instructional program.  Colin had also served as the Dean of Boys at Santa Monica High until transferring to SMC.

Carl E. Tegner (Past President ‘35)

Founder of Tegner Realty in Santa Monica, Carl’s endowment was the core funding that began the SMC Foundation.  From this initial bequest the Foundation has funded numerous faculty stipends, projects and provided for tens of thousands of scholarship dollars. 

James Wood

Jim was an instructor and counselor at Santa Monica College for over 30 years.

Bob Ziebarth (Past President ’77)

Bob Ziebarth was the founder of America’s Finest Product line based in Santa Monica. He had a wonderful sense of humor and used to carry around a gummed pad of real $2.00 bills to hand out to people. Bob served on the City Council. He is remembered for his dry sense of humor and political savvy.